If the ride is uncomfortable, feel free to get off.
— Aha Gazelle

I spent an awful amount of time deciding what I wanted to write for this section of the website. Originally, I was going to copy and paste one of the three bios I already have; but, inside I felt like that would be a disservice. The entire purpose of this webpage is to be a one stop access for all of the things inside of my world. 2017 changed me in a way that led to me realizing that I need to be more intentional. Apparently a lot of people have different opinions about who I am, as well as, what I do and I'm fine with that. I'm fine with the fact that the decisions that I make will please some and anger others all in hopes to inspire the few who need it the most. I'm fine with the fact that whatever it is that I'm doing may never be understood regardless of my attempt at explanation. I'm even fine with the fact that my journey may affect people that I love dearly in ways that will be out of my control. What I am not fine with is the idea of knowing that I decided not to run my race simply because of fear of exhaustion, injury, or because I don't have the nicest pair of running shoes. 


We live in a world that lacks empathy for things that are unfamiliar. If it doesn't walk, talk, look, or breathe like anything you've ever known then it's automatically assumed to be a bad thing and if there are any familiarities then its immediately labeled and placed in a box. Boxes vary in definition, shapes, sizes, and even purposes. For some boxes are a very nice luxury home with all of the amenities. For many boxes are very uncomfortable but it guarantees security and protection rather than comfort so they choose to live there. Then for a select few boxes are coffins where dreams, visions, and goals lay to rest. In conclusion I've made up my mind. From now on everyone will see the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else that may come with the journey. In short, I much prefer living.

- William Jr.