May 5, 2018


Elevators: It's Up!

     I am grateful for the opportunity to have been apart of the Reach Records Roster of amazing and talented artists. As the first recording label that I have been signed to, I value the mentorship and personal guidance from Grammy award winning artist Lecrae and the family atmosphere of the company with partner Ben Washer. But now, I must shift again! I am continuing with the journey and sticking to my plan to be true to my purpose and destiny. I’m so excited about what’s next! 

     I’ve been hard at work, writing and recording new material and I will be releasing a new project this summer! Thank you once again to Reach Records and to all of the fans who have helped elevate me to this point in my career as a songwriter, artist, and music producer. I am very proud of this accomplishment but I also know that this means it's time to work even harder!! I appreciate your continued support by following, subscribing and liking my pages or posts on social media. Sharing any of my material is also very helpful and comments are appreciated! Stay tuned because the Trilliam Tour may be in a city near you! 

- It’s Aha



February 23, 2018

First Post of 2018. Only Right.